Meet the Staff

  • Billie Profile Picture

    Billie Jackson

    Franchisee, CEO
    Billie is a workaholic – she dedicates most of her time to FASTSIGNS of Beckley and enjoys working on projects around the house with Joe on the weekends. She enjoys the task of helping customers accomplish measurable goals and utilizing the most up-to-date signage solutions available.

    We asked Billie: “What is your favorite thing about working at FASTSIGNS?”
    Billie: “Owning FASTSIGNS of Beckley has given me the drive I needed to stay inspired, motivated, and proud. The support from Corporate, the “team” atmosphere with other locations, and the vendors make the work enjoyable. But, being a partner with customers that have thriving businesses is a feeling of joy!

    Favorite Movie: Under the Tuscan Sun

    Pick a Superpower and why: Mind Reader – for so many reasons!
  • Joe Profile Picture

    Joe Jackson

    Franchisee & Production Manager
    Joe has recently retired after 25 years in the West Virginia State Police, and now has the time he wants to dedicate to FASTSIGNS of Beckley. Joe has spent the past 14 years working at the sign shop by day and patrolling the highways during the evening. Having Joe around full time has increased our capabilities, and production. We thank Joe for his service and are glad to have him around full time.

    We asked Joe: “What is your favorite thing about working at FASTSIGNS?”
    Joe: “I enjoy working with my wife, Billie, and the team on projects, and talking to our customers during and after the projects are completed."

    Favorite Movies: Super Troopers and Die Hard

    Pick a Superhero and why: Superman - He’s the BEST!
  • Makayla Profile Picture

    Makayla McCracken

    Graphic Designer
    Nickname: McCracken

    Makayla is a valuable asset to the FASTSIGNS of Beckley family.  Her knowledge and unique ideas help our customers with an innovative and creative approach to solving all their visual communication challenges.

    We asked Makayla: “What is your favorite thing about working at FASTSIGNS?”

    Makayla:  “Working on fun and interesting projects keeps me energized at work.  Having something new each day keeps it interesting.”

    Favorite Movie: Any of the Harry Potter Movies

    Pick a Superpower and why: Invisibility, so I can just disappear at any time
  • Adam Profile Picture

    Adam Williams

    Production Specialist
    Nickname: Junior

    Adam Williams had been with FASTSIGNS of Beckley for almost a year.  Adam is one of those “Must Have” employees at a business.  He is a skilled tradesman who is efficient in construction and takes great pride in the project he is working on.  In his off time, Adam is a basketball coach and mentor for children.

    We asked Adam: “What is your favorite thing about working at FASTSIGNS?”

    Adam: “The family atmosphere is nice and I like getting to make customers happy when their projects are completed.  Working on different types of projects daily makes it interesting.

    Favorite Movie: Open Range or Hoosiers

    Pick a Superpower and why: Speed – to be Super Fast!