The Grand Rapids Griffins

The Grand Rapids Griffins Ice Hockey Team 

The Opportunity 

In 2006, FASTSIGNS® was contacted by the Grand Rapids Griffins, West Michigan’s hometown hockey team. The Griffins needed their logo printed on mesh banner so it could be frozen into the ice and FASTSIGNS was more than ready to help. 

“After completing the in-ice logos the first time for the Griffins, they kept asking us to complete more and more projects,” FASTSIGNS’ Michael Gilpin said. “With each job, FASTSIGNS continued to impress the Griffins with the service and problem solving we provided, and that was what really solidified our place as the official sign provider for the team and Van Andel Arena.”

The Challenge

The Grand Rapids Griffins needed solutions for getting noticed and building the team’s visibility. Their goal was to promote the Griffins’ brand, increase attendance and participation and communicate with visitors. The team wanted more ways to promote sponsors and get the attention of hockey fans, as well as a way to make press conferences look more professional.

The Solution
The Grand Rapids Griffins team has relied on FASTSIGNS for comprehensive visual communications solutions every season. When the team wanted to make their digital kiosk stand out to people walking through the concourse, FASTSIGNS branded the kiosk with graphics to draw interest from hockey fans. The kiosk takes photos with different types of background images and then uploads the image directly to Facebook. FASTSIGNS branded the kiosk for the Griffins and their sponsor Mercantile Bank to help people notice it during games. To help increase the kiosk’s use, the team created a slogan for the promotion: “Get a snapshot of your slap shot.” The FASTSIGNS team then printed the slogan and an ice rink image onto an ultramount graphic that adheres to the kiosk with Velcro. With the new graphic, the kiosk is now both visually interesting and tall enough for those walking down the busy concourse to see over the crowd.
FASTSIGNS created a roller shade banner solution to cover a TV and reduce glare problems during press conferences in the team locker room. Originally, the Griffins had requested a banner with Velcro that could be hung before interviews, but the FASTSIGNS team instead suggested the installation of a roller shade in the locker room. That way, the shade could be ready in a moment’s notice and there would be almost no risk of damage from possible improper storage. This banner solution provided an excellent backdrop for post-game interviews and featured the Griffins’ logo and sponsor name. 

The Execution
The FASTSIGNS team has created numerous solutions to solve visual communications challenges including creating a banner and special bracket to make the sign identifying the guest services window visible. Additionally, FASTSIGNS designed a system with magnets and tin tape to ensure that the headers above the 11 ticket windows are fluid and interchangeable. 

The Result
The comprehensive solutions presented by the team at FASTSIGNS, along with a wrap for the rink’s Zamboni, dasher boards, usher paddles, game day promotions and many other solutions guarantee that FASTSIGNS will be the official sign provider for the Grand Rapids Griffins and Van Andel Arena for many years to come. 

*FASTSIGNS® of Grand Rapids is owned by Franchise Partners Kim and Judy Gilpin, and their son Mike.