Case Study - ZTR Control Systems

ZTR Dimensional Building Sign and Building Letters

The Challenge

ZTR Control Systems is a leader in intelligent equipment management solutions and a growing company. As a part of their continued growth, ZTR wanted to renovate their offices for a more modern reception area and workspace. Affiliated with TR Electronics, the updates needed to properly represent each of the two separate companies.

The Solution

To help the companies welcome guests and clients once they arrive in the reception area, FASTSIGNS® provided halo-lit channel letters. The lobby area previously housed identification for just ZTR; the new dimensional logos represented both ZTR Control Systems and TR Electronics.

Illuminated Wall Signs

For the TR logo, FASTSIGNS recommended a dial effect to symbolize the electronics and “train track” element of the business. FASTSIGNS also added the TR logo to the exterior fascia of the building next to the ZTR name already in place.

ZTR Illuminated Wall Sign

The large building is segregated into multiple work areas with large walls and little outside lighting. FASTSIGNS created wall murals to transform many of the blank interior walls into interesting office décor and provide a more inspiring workspace.

ZTR TR Wall Graphics 1
ZTR TR Wall Graphics 2

"We are growing as a company and are recruiting innovative software designers and engineers, and creative individuals,” said Kathy Turner, Marketing Manager. “With that in mind, we wanted to renovate our workspaces to provide an open and inviting office space—one that promotes collaboration but also allows employees the freedom to work as individuals. We were looking to do that with large wall murals in particular departments symbolizing elements of each division. We also wanted to modernize our reception area with new branding and signage."

ZTR TR Wall Graphics 3
ZTR TR Wall Graphics 4

The Result

"Our expectations were met and far exceeded,” said Turner. “As our company grows in its respective industries and we become better known locally and on the global stage, it is essential that we appear to be the leading edge company we have always been. We believe the FASTSIGNS helped us achieve that"

FASTSIGNS updated the building’s signage to reflect the two companies and their modern interests. Wall murals and new interior signs better engage employees and brighten a previously stark work area.

TR  Dimensional Building Sign
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