Make Your Back-To-School a Gold-Medal-Worthy Affair

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Arbutus, MD - Baltimore
exterior signage saying "South River Seahawks"

It’s that time of year again—while the weather may still feel like it’s the dog days of summer, the beginning of another school year is right around the corner. The entertainment from the Olympics provides a much-needed distraction from the pain of getting back to the grind, and the team here at FASTSIGNS has something for administrators, coaches and teachers to get their year off to a G.O.L.D. medal start!


Let’s face it: if you’re a school administrator, there’s not much you can do to get kids excited about coming back to school, right? Not when you have FASTSIGNS on your side! Transform your school’s exterior with customized ready-to-apply adhesive graphics that’ll have your students rethinking their ‘too-cool-for-school’ attitude or brighten up those drab corridors with motivational quotes with our wall lettering service that is fully customizable to your specific measurements and can be temporary or permanent. Just give our FASTSIGNS experts a call for a design consultation where we will work with you to create the perfect look, size and placement of any interior space décor at an affordable price.


With newly-minted teenage drivers, rushed parents dropping off their kids on the way to work, and dozens of huge school buses all trying to negotiate the same cramped parking lot at the same time in the mornings and afternoons, a school parking lot can be the perfect storm for disaster. Save yourself a ton of trouble and take advantage of our wide selection of fully-customizable signs and graphics products to provide drivers and visitors with clear, visually-stunning directional signage. Want to designate faculty parking spots? Direct visitors to a specific location inside your building? Warn about ongoing construction? Whatever your message—we have a sign for it! Our innovative Modulex Wayfinding System is an exclusive directional signage system that incorporates branding into customizable applications, helping to eliminate confusion, reduce stress and infuse your campus with school spirit all at once!


Looking for a unique, innovative way to make an impression on everyone from visitors to students? Look no further than FASTSIGNS’ wide variety of custom back lit LED signage! Give your school spirit a boost day or night with a message that is legible in any setting and any lighting. No matter where you choose to place your high-performance signage, you can control LED sign boards from a centralized location—adjusting the brightness and color without hardly moving a muscle! Use one of our custom reader boards to communicate your message in a dynamic fashion that can be updated in a breeze. Distribute important reminders, deadlines and announcements with reader boards in a variety of styles and sizes including dry erase boards, marquees, sandwich signs, A-Frames and sidewalk swingers.


Calling all cafeteria workers—we haven’t forgotten about you! Have a weekly special your excited about? Let the students know about it with a digital kiosk to promote the offer and increase your sales! Make lunch period more efficient by providing digital menu boards so the students know their dining options ahead of time. Teachers—looking for a new way to make your content relevant and memorable? Get one of our digital display boards complete with our full range of services from content creation, scheduling, hardware installation, storage and network management—we’ve got all the bases covered! Give FASTSIGNS a call today to take your teaching style into the next generation!