Feed Baltimore 2015

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Arbutus, MD - Baltimore
a group of people volunteer with Feed Baltimore

FEED BALTIMORE is an annual event, which was held at St. Vincent De Paul Church in Baltimore City November 14, 2015.

When we arrived, the streets and park next to the church were filled with homeless people waiting in line to get a hot meal and some clothes. There were dedicated tables to each type of donated item and about eight tables next to each other lined with food catering pans and large pots of soup. My son had asked if he could help serve the food, so we had the job of putting lids on the soup and handing it to the people in line. My son was yelling “SOUP!” because it was a little loud out there. My mom, Karen Larman, and good friend, Rachel Schreiber, were handing out coats and scarves. I think for all of us it was a very humbling experience. It was a reminder to always be kind to all people around you, because you never know how bad their struggle might be. On the way home my son said the experience made him realize some people don’t have much at all and he is grateful for what he has.  We all cannot wait to volunteer again next year. On a business note, FASTSIGNS® of Arbutus, MD - Baltimore is truly more than just signs.