Incorporating Digital Signage in Hospitality: The Future of Hotel Lobbies

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Arbutus, MD - Baltimore
a digital sign in a hotel lobby

Hotel lobbies are highly-trafficked areas where customers gather and spend significant amounts of idle down-time—the ideal setting for eye-catching and mood-setting digital signage fixtures that showcase the quality amenities and create a positive tone for the hotel’s branding efforts.FASTSIGNS prides itself in providing the highest quality video wall line on the market—fully customizable in terms of size, design, and content to meet your specific needs and budget.

Digital displays in the hotel lobby also serve a practical function—informing and entertaining guests while simultaneously incorporating an air of sophistication and modernity to the property. However, individual digital displays are becoming increasingly common, failing to generate the attention-grabbing effect they once did. While individual displays are commonly expected by guests, they can easily become lost in the vastness of a hotel lobby and fail to adequately engage patrons.

FASTSIGNS has the perfect solution to propel your hotel brand into the new era of hospitality ambience: video walls—a visually compelling solution that draws attention in both big and small common spaces and can function as a key initial point for long-term digital engagement with customers. The lobby is arguably the most important room in the hotel in regards to branding efforts. A video wall not only sets the tone for a great first impression, it also informs guests with the latest information while providing an engaging visual experience that gives your hotel a leg up on the competition.

A great characteristic of video walls is their inherent versatility—they can be used to promote the hotel’s overall brand and corporate philosophy, promote local attractions, showcase revenue-generating advertisements, or orient guests with directions to the property’s various areas and amenities. FASTSIGNS's expert design specialists can work with you to create a video wall solution that provides you with the flexibility to deploy either a traditional grid set-up to create a subtle aura of refined professionalism perfect for hoteliers looking to draw corporate clientele or, alternatively a more artistic, mosaic-style or angled displays ideal for trendy hotels seeking to cater to a younger customer base.

The FASTSIGNS team are highly experienced in designing fully-customizable, high-quality video walls. They will carefully analyze the space in which the wall will be featured. The amount of available space and the architectural surroundings will help determine the size, style, and color elements of the video wall.  FASTSIGNSprovides the latest technological industry features, and provides customers with the option of a video wall controller that easily synchs with your existing network and enables you to individually control the content of each screen. The FASTSIGNS team will look to seamlessly incorporate your video wall into the space—ensuring that all power and data connectivity is optimized and the displays are fully visible from all angles of the lobby in order to connect with the largest amount of guests as possible.

A real difference maker is FASTSIGNS unrivaled customer service. Our highly-skilled team of marketing and graphics experts has the requisite experience, vision, and insight to bring your dream solution to life. From start to finish, our project management team will save you time and hassle while insuring that your video wall design, delivery, and installation stages all go smoothly.