Reinventing Your Workspace for the New Abnormal

Author: Jayme Nelson

It doesn’t seem that long ago that working from home was a “wouldn’t it be nice?” thought for many. One global pandemic later and countless individuals who previously commuted into work have had to quickly adapt to working from the comfort of their home. Almost a year into this unusual normal, the workforce is now a hybrid of those working from home while some begin to return to their offices with caution. There is no such thing as “normal” anymore. Workspaces are wherever you can plug in and sign on. Embracing this truth, there are still many ways to reinvent the space you’re in to enhance productivity, foster creativity and promote safety. We’ve rounded up a list of our top 3 easy-to-adapt solutions that can help.

Acoustic Panels

office acoustic panel acoustic panel

Designed to keep sound contained where needed, acoustic panels have also been spotted at busy tradeshows and airport terminals. Their ability to provide a quieter space for conversations make them a key component for productivity. They can be fashioned in different sizes to scale to the space where they are needed. From the corporate office to the home, to the coffee shop on the corner with free WIFI, they can be placed in open areas to provide a better work environment for those without the luxury of a quiet office space. 


printed backdrop for office custom printed backdrop

Staples in the photography industry, backdrops are used for their ability to provide a uniform look for professional photos and headshots. Custom-printed backdrops also provide opportunities for team spirit and marketing when strategically placed during press conferences and event interviews. This makes them perfect for those working from home. Backdrops can be hung from a ceiling, attached to a wall or mounted to a frame and rolled where needed. Printed on fabric, canvas or vinyl, backdrops block out visual clutter and present a professional appearance for video meetings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what kind of backdrop design to choose. They can simulate a window to the outdoors, an office library or a beach getaway. For students at home with virtual learning, backdrops can sport their school mascot or feature their favorite color. 

Sneeze Barriers

sneeze guards for desk sneeze barriers for desk

At the beginning of the year, germ prevention shields were not on our minds or in our regular vocabulary. Now, we see them everywhere from salons and restaurants to doctor’s offices and schools. These clear, safety screens are doing a hefty job and helping prevent the spread of germs by acting as a physical barrier. Place them in shared work areas and offices to reduce germ spread among employees and visitors. Large panels can be installed in lobbies and break rooms while smaller, portable barriers can be propped up between low-wall cubicles and on conference room tables. Easy to wipe down and disinfect as needed, consider applying custom graphics for privacy and visual warmth. 

Our day-to-day lives have changed drastically, but we continue to adapt. As an extension of that, we have begun to adapt our environments to be more conducive to our current needs. Acoustic panels, backdrops and germ prevention shields are just a few items that are being incorporated to help us do just that. Fully customizable, they can be employed to enhance a space and boost productivity, regardless of the setting. For more ideas and solutions to reinvent your workspace, contact your local FASTSIGNS.