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5 Things Casinos Can Teach You About Digital Signage

Author: Nick Jerome
Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas

From groundbreaking design to the adoption of neon, the gambling industry has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to signage. It’s no surprise then that casinos were some of the earliest adopters of digital signage and remain excellent examples of how to use this marketing channel to its fullest potential. Digital signage in casinos is part of an incredibly complex and multi-layered communications strategy that encompasses wayfinding, promotions, cross-selling and patron interaction along with reinforcing the brand image. Here are some digital signage tips any business can learn from these experts.

Determine Optimal Placement for Wayfinding

Casinos have wayfinding down to a science. Ensuring patrons can easily find bathrooms, restaurants and ATMs is critical because the maximum revenue is generated by keeping people on the premises. High-end digital signage in casinos may provide detailed maps, searchable indexes and interactive directions. Interior designers and consultants will often work with the brand to map the entire complex and perform customer flow studies to determine the optimal placement for these signs. While not all businesses will have access to this level of resources, be certain to think strategically about digital signage placement in your location prior to installation.

Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas

Utilize Dynamic Flexibility to Cut Operational Costs

One reason casinos adopted digital signage early was the need to update messaging frequently. Performers, games, buffet menus and promotions changed so quickly that keeping up with printed signage cost a small fortune. Many operations managers realized they could save time and money with digital signage. According to a white paper by Keywest Technology, some casinos have reported the time to break even on digital signage is as little as 12 to 18 months:

“[W]e’ll be able to pay for our 33 channels of digital signage within the first two years,” said Ryan Dunn, Television Manager for Prairie Meadows Race Track Casino in Digital Signage: A Winning Strategy for the Gaming Industry.

Get More Out of Your Video Assets

A video of a sizzling steak hitting the grill is so much more enticing than a text description of this menu item. Take a note from casinos, where they often play snippets of TV commercials on the digital signage system to provide a cohesive branding experience for patrons and highlight additional features. For example, a commercial for the spa may play on signage leading from the gambling floor to the hotel from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., encouraging people headed back to their room to consider a relaxing spa treatment instead. Extend the reach of any investment in video by including it in your digital signage.

Employ Day/Time Parting

The spa example above is an excellent use of day/time parting. This strategy serves up different messages to consumers depending on their needs at varying times of day. As many casinos operate multiple facilities around the clock they are masters of day/time parting on digital signage. The same sign may promote the breakfast buffet in the morning, a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament in the afternoon, fine dining in the evening and the featured show at night. Take advantage of digital signage’s flexibility to provide tailored messaging to your consumers at different times of day.

Provide Better Customer Experience with Interactive Digital Kiosks

While a machine will never take the place of outstanding, personal customer service, an interactive digital kiosk can reduce waiting times and allow customers to explore your entire range of service offerings independently. Interactive kiosks are used in casinos to provide guest information, expedite restaurant or spa reservations and even dispense show tickets. If customers are becoming frustrated with your wait times or your staffing resources are maxed out, consider how interactive digital kiosks could help provide a better in-store experience.

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