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5 Ways Custom Glassboards Make a Strong Visual Impact

Author: April Angele

Glassboards are far more than simple writing surfaces; they can add visual interest to your interior décor. They provide the unique benefit of having both form and function.

Here are some interesting uses of custom glassboards to improve communication and collaboration, and to make a positive impression on employees, visitors and customers inside your facility.

Architectural Extension: A clear, white or colored glass wall – with or without elements printed on it – can create separation in an open space while doubling as a writing surface. Glass offers a modern, clean and sophisticated look that can be integrated with other décor elements.

office custom glassboards

Courtesy of Clarus Glassboards

Digital Signage: Glassboards can provide a décor “frame” to showcase or a protective covering for a digital sign or wall of signs. You can write on the glass, whether is it beside or over the screen during planning meetings or presentations to emphasize important information shown on the digital screen.

custom glassboard frames

Courtesy of Clarus Glassboards

Healthcare Board: Hospitals and clinics will find glassboards to be the perfect surface to display information in patient rooms as they easily wipe clean to eliminate sensitive information from being left behind. They are also non-porous, helping to minimize germs.

Healthcare glassboards

Courtesy of Clarus Glassboards

Furniture: A desk or table made of glass looks professional and provides a surface for quick note taking, doodling, brainstorming or collaborating with others.

glassboard table

Courtesy of Clarus Glassboards

Mobile Writing Surface: Mobile glassboards let you take your brainstorming on the move. Available in many colors, with or without images, messages or logos printed on the boards, they nest for easy storage and can move from room to room with ease.

mobile glassboards

Courtesy of Clarus Glassboards