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Extend Your Marketing With LED Posters

Author: Jayme Nelson
led posters

If the only thing that is constant is change, the important task of communicating information to target audiences can feel overwhelming for business owners. While static signs and posters are an effective form of communication, continual advances in digital and lighted signs make them an attractive option. LED posters are a dynamic way to extend your brand message, promote products and services, and keep customers and visitors apprised of the latest updates.

What is an LED Poster?

Short for light-emitting diode, LED technology has been around for decades. By placing many, smaller light-emitting diodes close together, LED posters and digital displays are able to create and project images. Custom LED posters are able to feature messages with vivid, high contrast content—from images to video.

Why Should I Use an LED Poster for My Business?

Use LED posters to highlight specific products and spotlight upcoming specials. With the ability to display messaging all hours of the day and night, they can extend your branding and marketing efforts even when you are closed. According to, digital displays are able to capture 400 percent more views than static signs. They are lightweight, easy to install and energy efficient. 

How Should I Utilize LED Posters?

When considering where to place your LED poster, consider the most trafficked routes outside of your building or storefront, as well as areas inside where many pass or congregate. Suspend them behind front-facing windows as a way to attract new customers, increase sales and showcase promotions. Place LED posters on a display stand in a lobby or waiting room to keep visitors up-to-date with the latest safety information for your building. From storefronts and office windows to hotel lobbies and medical waiting rooms, the digital content can be updated as needed. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to LED posters and displays. To make the most of your LED posters and incorporate them seamlessly into your current sign and graphics plan, consult with your local FASTSIGNS expert.