Unique Signs That Make a Memorable Impression

by April Angele

Your exterior signs speak for your brand. Are they unique enough to attract attention?  Do they position your company as you want to be viewed? Communicating your brand doesn’t happen with just the words on a sign: it is the graphics, colors, materials, shapes and placement that all contribute to the impression being made. Selecting the right mixture of elements helps tell your unique story and create memorable first impressions.

Bills Bike Shop

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Bill’s Bike Shop chose the right signs and graphics to tell their story — from giant window graphics on their storefront to a vehicle wrap on their trailer that literally moves bicyclists down the road. Their exterior message is clear as it depicts scenes of fun experiences and family outings with their product, bikes.

Pizza Restaurant.

The Red Wagon Pizza Company serves wood fired pizza just as the founder’s family enjoyed it for generations: as the centerpiece for good times among friends and families. Like the pizzas they make, The Red Wagon Pizza Company’s graphics are bold and crisp: red, white and black colors command attention, and their wagon logo image subtly extends the brand to hats, shirts, and the portable tent used for special events and catering opportunities.

Apartment Graphics

Sometimes, it’s best to show people what it would feel like to be a customer by helping them imagine enjoying your products and services. For this luxury apartment community, that means showing “life elevated”, with images splashed across their leasing office. 

Prospects can also see themselves living the good life in images on The Woodmont Properties van while it demonstrates one of their resident services: a courtesy shuttle to the train station. One short trip for the courtesy shuttle makes hundreds of memorable impressions.

What are you trying to tell others about your company? Explore the possibilities of extending your brand to your exterior touchpoints for the best first - and lasting - impression.