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Five Ways to Give Your Campus a Smart Signage Makeover

Austin Peay Sign

Ace creativity on your campus with vibrant color, bold branding and smart solutions that make students, staff and visitors feel welcomed and ready to learn. Gone are the days of boring beige and cold concrete, today’s campus creators are exploring new ways to excite students and increase enrollment while improving campus culture and embracing different learning styles.

Smart signage solutions provide unique ways to incorporate important information while at the same time creating an inviting space for visitors, students, faculty and staff all while enhancing the overall learning experience.

Here are Five Campus Makeover Tips

Go Digital with Dynamic Displays
Replace static signs with digital displays that can be updated in real time. These screens can show everything from directional information to event announcements and emergency alerts. With dynamic displays, your campus can communicate more effectively, ensuring that everyone is informed and can easily find their way around. Think about adding solar capability to your signage solutions especially for an outdoor marquee for a more sustainable solution.

Create Brand Consistency

Don’t stop at the doors. Your campus brand will stand out with a unified color scheme from the lunchroom, to the aquatics center, to pillars in a student courtyard and more. Your campus makeover can include buses, stadiums, scoreboards, libraries and more providing ample opportunities to create a unified transformation and a convenient way to recognize donors and sponsors. With comprehensive visual solutions, your campus can achieve an exciting new makeover without breaking the bank.

Embrace Mobile Connectivity and Interactivity
Incorporate QR codes and NFC tags into your signage that link to a campus map or app when scanned. This allows users to quickly access a wealth of information on their smartphones, from building hours to historical facts, creating an interactive and engaging way to explore the campus. Interactive kiosks can serve as high-tech information hubs that can be placed at strategic points around your campus, to help visitors self-navigate with ease, reducing confusion and enhancing the visitor experience.

Adopt Inclusive Design Principles
Ensure that your signage is accessible to all by adopting inclusive design principles. This means using clear, legible fonts, high-contrast colors for visibility, and including ADA signs and braille for the visually impaired. It also means using unique design elements such as acoustic paneling to reduce sound and create a more inclusive environment for students with learning differences or even quieter meeting spaces for faculty and visitors.

Illuminate with Smart Lighting
Invest in signage that incorporates smart lighting solutions, such as custom LED signs with lights and sensors that adjust brightness based on the time of day or weather conditions. Not only are these light up signs energy-efficient, they also improve visibility and safety on campus during the night or in low-light conditions.

Transform Your Campus Today

A smart signage makeover with FASTSIGNS can transform your campus into a more navigable, inclusive, and technologically advanced environment. Your campus will not only feature bold and consistent branding from the bus stop to the break room and pass with flying colors, showcasing standout results sure to impress and engage.

Make the grade by incorporating mobile connectivity and interactivity, inclusive design, and smart lighting, leading the way in creating a campus that's not just a place of learning, but a space where innovation is on full display. Start planning your smart signage strategy today with FASTSIGNS and watch your campus come to life.