Get Attention from the Road with These 3 Unique Signs and Graphics Ideas

by Jayme Nelson

The majority of the population spends most of their day with eyes glued to a screen and their thoughts moving in a million directions. Businesses and organizations must employ multiple strategies to stand out enough to capture a few seconds of their potential audience's attention when they are on the move. Let's take a look at three unique ways that companies and organizations can gain attention from the road with signs and visual graphics:

Wrap It Up

Apply imaged graphics to structures that don’t traditionally have graphics. Place custom wraps on everything from temporary storage pods and water towers to building columns, leasing trailers and more.

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Make Them Look Twice

Think beyond some of the more traditional signs and graphics for unique ways to get noticed. Place a cut-out in the walking path outside of your business or restaurant that entices people to interact with it. For organizations that may not have an accessible business front, make an impression on the road with head-turning vehicle graphics and images.  

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Light the Night

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Illuminated signs attract attention day or night, extending your message even during off hours. Shine a light on your company with backlit dimensional logos, digital sign panels or channel letters.   

Get noticed from the road by employing different strategies to flex your marketing muscle and extend your branding. What are some of the unique ways that you have seen businesses or organizations get attention from the road? Drop us a message at and let us know.