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5 Low-Cost Ideas for Team Building

Author: Drue Townsend

If you are like most professionals I know, you probably spend more time with the people you work with than you do with your family and personal friends. Knowing that, it is really important to create an environment that provides an opportunity to do great work and accomplish your business objectives, as well as one where you can get to know the people you work with and have some fun. Here are five things our corporate marketing team has done to ensure that we accomplish both.

Have “10 Minutes of Fun” During a Department Meeting

An employee stands in a box while wearing a nametag that says Jack

An employee has many signs stuck to his body

An employee wears a DIY costume to look like the DJ Dead Mau5

Two times a month we have a tracking meeting where each intra-department team (creative, content, web marketing and marketing services) presents what they are working on. Each meeting lasts about an hour and is led by a different director. At the end of the meeting, that director is responsible for hosting “10 Minutes of Fun,” which has included playing the online version of “You Don’t Know Jack,” learning how to make a rose from a paper towel, and creating a Halloween costume in less than 10 minutes with whatever you could find in your office.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

An over-sized Sponge Bob Square Pants® Pez® dispenser is given to one team member from another for going above and beyond on something. There is no timeframe for the award; some team members keep it for a week, while others hang on to it for a month or two. Regardless, for the time it is theirs, it is proudly displayed in the office or cubicle of the winner.


A custom candle has the word Laugh written down the side

Instead of having birthday cake, we now write personal notes and place them in a customized jar to give to the person on their birthday. Each jar is chosen by the intra-department director to represent something about the person. This one is for one of our most entertaining team members who always makes us laugh.

Do Something Creative Together

Employees attend a group painting class together

We are a creative group by nature, but one of our most enjoyable events was a trip to Painting with a Twist®. An instructor led us through creating our own version of the same painting. We listened to music, ate pizza and bonded by seeing different interpretations of art and discovering new interests and talents.

Take Spontaneous and Posed Group Pictures at Corporate Events

A team poses with paintings they painted together

Whether it is a formal awards dinner or a “Bring your family to work” luncheon or event, we always find time to take photographs that we will post on our walls – both physical and social.

Most of these activities cost very little and take little planning time, but the rewards of doing them are great. We’d love to hear what your team does so that we can continue to get new ideas.