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Printable Passive Aggressive Office Signs

Author: Jayme Nelson

Office culture plays by its own rules. But every office has a maverick or two and for these folks, the rules don’t apply. So how does one tactfully bring the lunch burglar or meeting-room poacher to justice?

Often it’s the job of passive aggressive office signs — one part humor, one part tough love. That said we designed a few office signs we’d like to see hanging around the office.

Use When Your Next Cup of Coffee is Cut Tragically Short (or Not Available)

Highly caffeinated and claiming ignorance about how to make more, the Last Drop Bandit always takes the last bit, never making more. Make it stop with this office sign.

A funny wanted sign for whoever took the last bit of coffee in the office

Use When the Hamburglar Strikes

Crafty enough to never get caught “holding the sack,” the lunchroom villain always pulls off the perfect crime. Meanwhile the real lunch owner is left to ponder, “What will I eat now?” Keep lunch thieves at bay with this office sign.  

A propaganda poster reminding office workers not to eat food that doesn't belong to them

Use When the Meeting Room You Booked Is Occupied By Someone Else

You follow protocol, schedule your meeting room well in advance, show up at the pre-determined time and guess what? Someone else is meeting in the room you reserved. Sound familiar? This one’s for you.

A space monster themed poster reminding employees to book their meeting rooms

For That Special Cubemate

Anyone who sits in a cube and shares office space will appreciate this candid word of caution to the over-sharers. Personal calls are intended to be just that — personal.

A funny graphic asking cubemates to speak quietly