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Our High Five Visual Communications Trends From 2020 and 2021

Author: Leah Edwards

While the world is slowly restoring a sense of “normalcy,” a myriad of trends we’ve adapted to in the last year don’t appear to be going away. We’ve gathered a “High Five” of what is trending, that we see being a part of our lives moving forward and how they tie into the sign and visual communications industry:

1. Continued Touchless Solutions

Solutions like QR codes and NFC technology have become part of everyday life for us all. While these touchless options hit the pre-pandemic days, they hit their stride some time after originally introduced. They have allowed people the opportunity to minimize contact, reduce the spread of germs and keep their families safe. They have also allowed business owners to quickly bring their customer base into a digital sphere. With significant cost savings to budding business owners, these options are going to continue on for now.

A sign presents a touchless option for patients to check in by using a QR code

2. Video Marketing and Events

As the world begins to return to in-person shopping, dining and outdoor activities, we are still seeing many events continue onward in a digital space. For some, it is to continue promoting safety and for others, it is simply more convenient and allows for a wider audience to attend. As a result, new and innovative methods will emerge for enhancing the video experience through backdrops, artwork, and video production and marketing with virtual events. The opportunity for sign and technology experts to assist business owners, creatives, educators and professional speakers remains, and some may even have a need to help them create their very own in-house production/webinar studio.

A film crew records an event

3. Revamping The Modern Office

In 2020, many had the opportunity to test the waters of remote work and utilize unconventional office spaces, whether at home or elsewhere. Branded barriers, partitions and more organized wayfinding solutions were incorporated for employees that wanted to keep a regular schedule during sparse office activity. As we slowly trickle back into a somewhat new normal, there will be a progression of keeping safety components while completely re-thinking space altogether. What types of space make sense and how have employees’ perception of needs versus wants shifted, impacting how we all move forward? Many uncharted conversations amongst leaders are rising to the surface as employees now transition to the next normal.

An office space features screens hanging from the ceiling and a decorated barrier between sections

4. Convenience Remains Key with Food and Health

In a world that changed overnight, grocery pickup and contactless delivery became the norm. But now that many have accessed convenience in this way, they vow to never again roam the aisles of the grocery store looking for some obscure item to complete their recipe. In the same way, the Tele-health sector has taken a big step forward from consultation to therapy appointments. Our new needs (and wants) inspired providers to allow patients to more easily connect from anywhere. While seeing some providers in person will always be paramount, these new methods of flexible health are becoming a continuing trend for a busy public.

A large banner indicates a space for cars to drive up and pick up online orders

5. Getting Creative with Décor

We thought we’d end with a super fun, décor trend that seems to have “clung.” Wallpaper started rolling its way into the hearts of consumers in the last year or two, and it looks like it’s going to continue throughout this year and maybe beyond. Ways you can incorporate this into a home, office space or socially-distanced event in 2021? Check out some ideas here.

The inside of a building uses digital signs

Here a Trend, There a Trend...

While our list of trends could be pages long, we wanted to highlight these top five trends that we at FASTSIGNS are taking note of that won’t be exiting the stage anytime soon. 

For help incorporating these trends into your visual communications program, FASTSIGNS is ready to help.