Top 4 Summer Events Signs and Graphics That R-O-C-K

Author: Leah Edwards

It’s summertime, and no matter how many sunburns or mosquito risks may await us, we love to spend time outdoors. As confidence begins to build for gatherings, eager attendees are starting to get out about more in the Summer of 2021. 

Local and regional communities are planning events, and venues, museums and art spaces are once again opening up. So whether it’s an over-the-top larger crowd gathering or something simple and intimate, we believe that visual communication solutions act as “must haves” on your summer event planning list. Here’s how signs and graphics can help you R-O-C-K any event this summer:

R - Ramp Up Before Your Event

Events require planning, and signs and graphics can help you even before your event gets off the ground. Use banners, flags and invitations to help create and build community excitement. Large-scale graphics can truly make a statement to sell an upcoming event.

event bannersevent flags

O - On Point Branding

From stage graphics to photo backdrops, branded graphics can bring a sense of consistency throughout every location at the event. An outdoor event theme can be further maximized through digital signage and outdoor wall and floor graphics

If there are contests or awards being presented at a BBQ Cookoff or a Dog Show, event plaques can extend event awareness and recognition for next year. Customized and branded promotional items can provide a great keepsake for attendees to remember an outdoor event for years to come. Creative options for thanking attendees might include branded post-event cards or links to photos or videos to reinforce key themes and messages.

branded event signsbranded corn hole branded car graphicspromotional products

C - Curate Ideal Wayfinding

Wise wayfinding solutions may be one of the most important components of creating a successful outdoor event experience. From event directories or easy-to-access maps with a scanned QR code, assisting your attendees requires noticing touchpoints where they could get lost. Floor or pavement graphics can further brand your event and also be used to offer navigation clues. Stanchions and A-frames can help maneuver crowds throughout higher traffic areas. Directional signage also helps people safely navigate exiting the premises at the close of the event.

exterior directional signagea-frames for eventsdirectional signsfloor graphicsexterior wayfinding signs

K - Keep Safety Top of Mind

When a large number of people are funneling in, throughout and away from an outdoor event and venue, it’s important to keep safety top of mind. Protect attendees by having helpful safety and ADA signage. Keep these signs easily visible and marking areas that curious attendees should or should not enter. Incorporate signage and assistance for those with special needs, so the event is welcoming for all. 

warning signssafety signscustom ADA signs

Rock On This Summer with Signs and Graphics

Summertime events will be popping up more regularly on people’s calendars this summer. Concerts, festivals and community events are just a few of the fun opportunities that will be available. As the temperatures rise, signs and graphics can help you “sweat less,” about that outdoor event. 

Want to learn about how FASTSIGNS can help you create the best event experience possible, indoors or out, for you and your patrons? Get in touch with us today.