Capstone Cottages Signs

Capstone Cottages

New Student Housing Facility Welcomes and Inspires Incoming Students

The Challenge

Capstone Cottages wanted to provide their tenants with a welcoming, inspiring and functional clubhouse for college students in their new housing facility.

The Solution:

Metal letters were used throughout the building to identify study halls, common areas, restrooms and the gym. Inspirational quotes and messages were applied with vinyl on walls, vending machines, in restrooms and more.

Magnetic boards with print overlays were hung in the study rooms to visually inspire students utilizing the rooms for school projects, group assignments or simply as a place to brainstorm. Acrylic silhouettes were created for the men’s and women’s restrooms, with motivating and inspirational messages strategically placed on the cutouts.

Inspirational quotes on wall

Capstone Cottages study hall signs

vinyl on walls

The Result:

The innovative and creative design efforts put into Capstone Cottages did not go unnoticed at the facilities grand opening event. The clubhouse received a multitude of compliments and is believed to be one of many reasons for the lease application increase.

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