Educational Signage and Branding

Austin College Educational Signage

Established College Campus in Need of Branding and Educational Signage

The Challenge: College in Need of Educational Signage and Branding

Austin College, a 167-year old private, co-educational college, needed to better identify campus property areas, honor people who helped start the school, and educate the community about the green technology (LEEDS) being used throughout a new building.

The Solution: Informational Banners and Acrylic Signs around Austin College’s Campus

FASTSIGNS® utilized the many light poles around the campus to hang boulevard banners to identify the property.

To help honor those who started the school in a way that allowed others to learn their history, FASTSIGNS created clear acrylic displays on standoffs.

To inform and educate about the campus’s new LEEDS building, FASTSIGNS provided clean, acrylic exterior signs that explained how green technology is used throughout the building.

boulevard banners

Austin College acrylic exterior signs

acrylic exterior signs

The Result: Easy-to-Read Campus Information for Visitors

Together, the new sign elements fit into the existing signage design on campus, while helping the college solve their latest visual communications challenges.

*FASTSIGNS of Sherman, Texas is owned by Todd and Jessica Bass.