PMI Graphic on Wall in Conference Room

Pro Med Instruments

Office Space Creatively Updated with Modern Feel

The Challenge:

Pro-Med Instruments was looking for a modern, clean look for their new office that included inspirational messages on the interior walls. They also wanted a simple and sleek way to display different medical devices in the same installation from time to time.

The Solution:

FASTSIGNS® team member MacKenzie Bledsaw produced a comprehensive solution for the office space. They created six company value phrases using colorful, painted 1/8" thick PVC dimensional letters and installed them on Pro-Med Instruments’ blue accent wall. Slogans made with laminated control tac vinyl were installed as reminders for employees, including the sayings: Provide Relevant Benefits, Create Satisfied Customers and Make Others Successful.

Inside the conference room, FASTSIGNS applied the Pro-Med Instruments logo on one of the walls at the end of the conference room table as a focal point. On an adjacent wall, they installed a wipe off board/glass board on standoffs for use in meetings.

Changeable poster inserts displaying product offerings were placed within three acrylic frames on standoffs. For the reception desk wall lettering, laminated control tac vinyl creates a clean look. On the front entry doors, FASTSIGNS installed frosted vinyl to provide a subtle yet sleek appearance that also enhanced privacy.

PMI Desk

PMI Wall Signs

PMI Wall Mural

The Result:

Pro-Med Instruments and i’s employees are thrilled with the decor, and future projects for floor decals and more are in discussion.