Riverside Healthcare Outdoor Sign

Riverside Healthcare

Signs and Graphics Guide Patients to the Best Possible Care

The Challenge

Riverside Healthcare in Kankakee, Illinois, is focused on making sure that patients get the best possible care, while also ensuring it is easy to find one’s way around the facility.

The Solution

Outside, large exterior directional signs around the medical facility help patients and visitors identify and locate specific buildings and entrances. The emergency area signs were updated with bright, bold colors and letters to enhance visibility and reduce potential confusion during times of stress. An LED sign with changeable message capabilities was placed near the emergency area entrance.

Visitors can explore the areas around the facility’s perimeter by following directional signs to walking trails or to the “Heart Garden” that is designated with an informational dedication plaque.

Inside the buildings, dimensional letters and Riverside Healthcare logos identify specific floors. Signs are wall-mounted and suspended from ceilings to distinguish different building wings and better guide patients and visitors. Room identification signs and ADA signage are installed throughout to provide accessibility for all. Stretched fabric banner stands help promote healthcare services.

Wall murals help Riverside communicate their appreciation for their donors, as well as recognize loyal employees. In the Heart and Vascular Institute, the outline of a fluorescent heart was placed on each end of the donor wall display, complemented by hanging, printed hearts and floor graphics.

Riverside Healthcare Wall Sign

Riverside Healthcare Restroom Signs

Riverside Healthcare Emergency Sign

Riverside Healthcare Glass Wall Signs

The Result

The updated signs and graphics gave Riverside Healthcare a fresh look using the branding elements that people recognize. The wayfinding and directional signs help patients and their loved ones navigate the facilities with more ease, which allows the healthcare providers to focus on their priority of caring for patients.