Aspen Distribution

Aspen Distribution

Inspiring Employees and Communicating Culture

The Challenge

Aspen Distribution offers logistics, warehousing and transportations services throughout the Rocky Mountain region. When they relocated to a new warehouse, the warehouse distribution services provider needed to brand the entire building and provide inspiration for their employees.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS® provided large dimensional logos for the new building interior. Wall graphics and posters promote Aspen Distribution’s company mission and values, as well as motivational messages for employees. The employee breakroom now has a large wall mural of Aspen trees climbing into the sky to provide a visual getaway that is still on brand.

Aspen Distribution also wanted to find a way to give the long hallway that all employees walk through to enter the warehouse area a less clinical feeling. FASTSIGNS transformed the hallway by adding inspirational messages and brand- friendly graphics that carry through from turn to turn. One portion of the hall was turned into a dedicated employee appreciation wall that can feature a year’s worth of “employee of the month” plaques that can be easily changed out. It is also an area where management can post the nice comments they receive about the team.

Aspen Distribution wall sign

Aspen Distribution hall

Aspen Distribution wall

The Result

Aspen Distribution has a fully branded building that visually communicates their personality and culture to clients, and employees have a more inspirational environment to work in.

FASTSIGNS of Aurora, CO is owned by Matt Mersfelder.