Transforming a Vehicle With Boba Fett-Inspired Graphics

Becky Knuth, Creative Director for FASTSIGNS® of Appleton for the last 10 years, has wanted to wrap her car in a Boba Fett-inspired Star Wars design for some time. With a vehicle that left her feeling less than motivated, she shelved her vision for a few years.

Recently, after purchasing a new car with more inspiring, sporty lines, her creative juices and ideas began warming up like the Millennium Falcon ready to take off.

"It was a challenge to take the design elements that make up Boba Fett's character and translate how it would look on the car," Knuth explained. "I didn't want to just take the exact design and throw it on there; I wanted to make it for the car and follow it's unique lines."

She spent a few months repeating a cycle of planning, designing and consulting with friends, during her personal time, in order to create the final look. Once Knuth was ready to print and install the graphics, her teammates at FASTSIGNS stepped in to help with the car wrap.

The Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter is one of Knuth's favorite characters from the original Star Wars trilogy because of his enigmatic and mysterious qualities. With requests coming in for the design and wrap, it seems the vehicle graphics have been very successful in making her galactic vision a reality.