FASTSIGNS® of Hanover Helps Elite Fishing Team

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Hanover, MA

Team Nauti, a professional sports fishing team based in Stuart, Fla., was in Cape Cod to film a new TV series. Unfortunately during their trip to the New England coast, a storm ripped their team logo off one of their boats. Over 1,000 miles from home, the team turned to FASTSIGNS® for help.

A highly experienced and competitive team, Team Nauti travels the globe, competes in the world’s most elite sports fishing tournaments and provides private fishing charters. The team promotes itself and its sponsors through their strong performance in tournaments and media exposure, so their boats need to be easily identified with durable graphics. 

It was Friday when team captain Ben Braun contacted FASTSIGNS® of Hanover, MA, which was about 75 miles from their location on the coast, and he explained their sign and graphics emergency. They needed their logo and an 8-foot graphic of a marlin printed and installed on their 35-foot boat by Tuesday, two business days away.

“Of course, we can absolutely do that,” said Steve Duffy, owner of FASTSIGNS® of Hanover, MA. At this time, the Hanover FASTSIGNS had only been open for a couple months, and Steve was excited for the opportunity to help the team out. FASTSIGNS® of Hanover, MA often offers to perform installations on Saturdays and Sundays for the convenience of customers. 

First, Team Nauti sent FASTSIGNS the artwork for their logo, and Todd Anderson, graphic designer at FASTSIGNS® of Hanover, MA, found an image of a marlin with a high enough resolution to be resized for the boat.

To install the graphics, the boat had to be out of the water, thoroughly cleaned and brought to the center. Installations are usually done behind the FASTSIGNS production center, but because of the boat’s large size, it was parked in front, facing Route 53, and the installation began.

During the install, having the large tournament fishing boat parked off the busy street caught a lot of attention from passers-by and neighbors, and many stopped to see what the team at FASTSIGNS was up to. An onlooker asked Steve, “You can always tell an old pro – how long have you been doing this?” and another commented, “I didn’t know FASTSIGNS could do this.”  

“With the collaboration of our entire team, Team Nauti’s new boat graphics were completed and installed without a hitch, just in time for the team’s TV production,” Steve explained.

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