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Who Uses 3D renderings?

While it first gained popularity in TV production, filmmaking, video game development, and other types of entertainment, 3D rendering has also become popular in the following ways:

  • Architecture and Construction: From new construction to remodeling, renderings can help a customer see a building or home in a photo-realistic interior or exterior rendering. These are also great for pre-sales marketing efforts where a building or community is not yet built.

  • Retail product imaging: a product is viewed many times digitally before a buying decision is made. Using renderings for online images allows a business to easily show the product and its multiple versions without having countless photoshoots. Think of being able to easily navigate color selection when buying an item online.

  • Real estate: offering virtual 3D home tours.

  • Engineering: creating technical illustrations and visual models of conceptual ideas.

  • Medical imaging

  • Aeronautics

sample of realistic 3D Rendering

What are the benefits to 3D design and renderings?

  • Achieve perfection: once a product or image is rendered, the customer can decide on the exact lighting, surroundings, and perspective without the expense of setting up multiple photo shoot sets.

  • No retouching required: Photographers charge for post photoshop work to help achieve the look they are trying to achieve. In a rendering, these elements are created from the rendering eliminating this process.

  • Create reality: What you see is what you get in product photography. But with 3D renderings a product or place or image is being created that incorporates a unique perspective not achievable with a camera.

  • Perfect lighting: Interior lighting can be easily controlled with 3D rendering; the type of lighting condition can be easily changed. In photography, a secondary light source has to be introduced or the photographer just has to use what they have in the environment.

  • Create surroundings: Showing a product in its intended surroundings is a great way to market the product. Photography requires a different set each time that is costly and time consuming. With renderings, sets can easily be repurposed with different surroundings to create unique campaigns.

  • Make changes easily: If a customer wants a new photo of their product, that requires a new shoot, a new set, and more photoshop work. With renderings, they can easily communicate to the 3D designer the changes requested. This allows them to easily and cost effectively make changes to the renderings and/or its surroundings. This is extremely valuable if the product has multiple versions, i.e. colors, sizes, etc.

3D Rendering of aerial shot of home layout

Here are some more in depth examples of 3D rendering, specifically for architecture and construction:

  • Internal and External Vision: 3D rendering allows visual imaging of the building interior and exterior so it’s effective at communicating the mechanical, engineering and plumbing viewpoint, as well as the exterior appearance.

  • Efficiency: Construction 3D rendering has improved efficiency. It supports better planning and has reduced the level of confusion. With clear and precise 3D architectural modeling, there is a marked decrease in architectural mistakes and lesser need for reworks.

  • Design Cycle: 3D rendering has also been influential in shortening design cycles. Once the original architect’s drawings are rendered the gaps and missing links can be easily filled in. 3D rendering software enables easy remodeling.

  • Communication: 3D rendering improves communication between stakeholders. It brings people together visually onto a common platform. 3D renderings leave no space for assumption or guesswork. The building model is in there to see in its entirety. An architect can clearly convey his or her ideas with 3D architectural modeling. Everyone can see exactly what the finished project will look like. Investors and buyers have a clear visual of the construction. They no longer have to pour over floor plans and other documents to make their decisions.

  • Easier to Read: An architectural sketch is difficult to read for someone not educated in how they’re created. 3D rendered models are much easier for even a layman to understand.

FASTSIGNS® of Charlotte, NC - Independence Blvd is now offering 3D rendering services for construction, as well as for marketing and product imaging. Partner with one of our visual consultants to talk through how this important design work could help move your construction project from idea to building.

2D sketch and 3D Rendering

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