Custom Building Signs in Newark, NJ

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Building signs are more than just an option—they're essential for communicating with your customers and clients boldly and clearly. At FASTSIGNS® of Newark, NJ, we offer a variety of building signs in different shapes and sizes, including channel letters and backlighting. These large-format, weather-resistant, and durable signs can significantly benefit your business or organization in several ways, including:

  • Creates Awareness for All: Building signs create an ideal first impression and attract new customers. They help create awareness for prospects and draw passersby near through highly visible signage. Some businesses even install similar signs on various sides of a building for enhanced branding, providing awareness for anyone passing by at any time.
  • Helps People Find Your Location: In today's world of virtual maps and unfamiliar locations, a recognizable building sign can efficiently guide people to your location. Whether they're late for a meeting or just exploring, a clear building sign can make a significant difference in helping them find you quickly and easily.
  • Brands Your Business/Organization: A fully branded building sign gives life to your business and communicates a sense of establishment to newcomers. It conveys feelings of security and permanence, helping you start your business relationship on the right foot.
  • Provides Advertising: Building signs are a cost-effective way to advertise from your business location. They can be seen as a one-time advertising expense that gains market share for the sign's life. They act as another business impression in customers' minds, working both day and night on your behalf.

At FASTSIGNS® of Newark, NJ, our team can turn your ideas into reality, from concept to printing and shipping the final product. With our help, you can set yourself apart from the competition and unlock your business's full potential.

Building Signs FAQs

What kinds of Building Signs do you offer?

We offer a diverse selection of building signs, including LED-lit signs, neon signs, dimensional letters, and directional signage, among others, to enhance your building's appearance and functionality.

Do you provide installation services for building & commercial signs?

Yes, our comprehensive service package includes professional installation, ensuring secure and proper placement of your commercial signs.

Can my business's logo be incorporated into a custom building sign?

Absolutely! We can incorporate your company's logo or any other design elements you'd like into your custom building sign.

Make a Statement!

FASTSIGNS® of Newark, NJ can help you create eye-catching custom building signage that makes your business stand out. Whether you're in the medical, educational, public works, retail, or food service sectors, our signage solutions will ensure your brand is prominently displayed, making your message clear and compelling.

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