Periodic Safety Sign Assessment Protects People and Businesses

Author: Jayme Nelson

(CARROLLTON, Texas) — There is no shortage of news headlines related to accidents, whether at work or at play. The best way to manage potential risks and hazards is to take every step possible to avoid them.

“There is a reason why signage is one of the first items that gets attention when an accident occurs,” said Drue Townsend, Senior VP of Marketing. “Safety and compliance signage isn’t always fun or exciting, but it is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping people and facilities safe.”

There is more to a safety and regulation signage plan than simply implementing what the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Hazard Awareness Act (OSHA) require. For example, a university could place “Take, Lock and Hide” signs in campus parking lots or create digital signage content about what to do if someone looks suspicious outside—signs not required by law, but a practice in promoting general awareness and safety. While regulatory signs have specific requirements, signs like these can be designed to reflect the personality of your organization and complement facility décor.

By proactively assessing a facility or event location, those in charge can better identify where potential dangers lie and where more signs and graphics may be needed to protect people and property. FASTSIGNS recommends that businesses and organizations first focus on understanding the mandatory types of safety signage and the proper location for each. Next, priority should be given to considering the signs and visual graphics that would enhance those already in place and provide additional safety, even if not required by law.

“In addition to abiding by the law and keeping people safe, a by-product of being proactive with safety and regulatory signage is that businesses, campuses and facilities can potentially benefit from lower site maintenance costs and maybe even reduce insurance costs if fewer accidents happen,” said Townsend.

Periodic compliance assessment helps protect people and businesses, while ensuring a safer and more welcoming environment for visitors.


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