Fastsigns of Stafford Celebrates High School Graduates

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Stafford, VA

Sabrina and Francisco Xaviar, franchisees at FASTSIGNS of Stafford had the opportunity to honor Stafford high school seniors in a special way.

Neesa Hart, the programming director for Bells After School, a Stafford music education program, realized that the county’s 2249 seniors graduating from five public high schools would be missing the spring milestone of a graduating celebration and decided to take action. She reached out to FASTSIGNS of Stafford and devised a plan to print yard signs for all 2249 students and distribute them for free. 

"In previous years, when I drove past the schools that were hosting graduation ceremonies, I was impacted by the feeling of joy and accomplishment in those stadiums," said Neesa Hart. "I wanted to feel a little piece of that this year, and I think the yard signs accomplish that.”    

To listen and read more, visit the link here.