Matt Galgano Featured in Printing News

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Upper Saddle River, NJ

In the Printing News piece, Finding Their Way, FASTSIGNS® of Upper Saddle River, NJ franchisee, Matt Galgano was featured as a leading voice in the field of signage. The piece touched on the supply chain situation during the pandemic. Galgano shared that while this was an issue for much of the country, as a franchisee, he was able to have a solid mix of both local and also national vendors available for their supply needs.

The article noted that Galgano had taken over the center during the pandemic and how it caused him to reset his business early on. Galgano revealed that because of the pandemic, their team reached out to industries where they hadn’t before, such as targeting the education market as schools began to reopen in 2020.

Prior to the pandemic, FASTSIGNS® of Upper Saddle River, NJ was heavily focused (nearly 80%) on the retail sector, but, as the piece revealed, the changes in 2020 enabled them to shift their mindset and now view everyone as a prospective customer.

Finally, below the main article and because of his background in the retail industry, Matt Galgano and FASTSIGNS were highlighted in an entire section focused on the necessity of point-of-sale signs and the evolving nature and cycle of retail signs in general. To read the entire piece in its entirety, visit the link here.