10 Advantages of Digital Menu Boards

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Arbutus, MD - Baltimore
a restaurant uses digital signage over the cashiers

One of the top-trending sectors within the digital signage movement is the wide-scale incorporation of digital menu boards across the restaurant industry. As laws and regulations continue to evolve, the majority of restaurants are quickly recognizing the benefits of going digital when it comes to menu boards. Apart from the obvious aesthetic boost digital menu boards offer over their static counterparts, here are ten significant advantages of digitized menu displays.

1. Effortlessly Edit or Update Digital Menu Boards to Comply with New Healthcare Regulations

Title VI of the latest healthcare legislation states: “Restaurants which are part of a chain with 20 or more locations doing business under the same name must disclose calories on the menu board and in written form.” Digital menu boards offer a simple solution to this regulatory compliance headache for restaurant managers. Now you can easily change the information on the menu to remain compliant with this new requirement instead of having to purchase new signage every time the caloric load of your products changes.

2. Easily Add New Menu Offerings or Adjust Pricing

Because FASTSIGNS offers the latest in digital signage technology, you have the option to manually or automatically manage menu items and price points remotely based on supply and demand, promotional campaigns, and upcoming events. This gives your business the needed flexibility to maximize sales and generate profits.

3. Rock the Up-Sell

Digital menu boards represent a golden opportunity for prioritizing the up-sale technique. Digital screens have the capability of displaying complimentary items (e.g., adding fries or a beverage, ‘super-sizing’ the order, etc.) during the ordering process. The high-resolution screens installed by FASTSIGNS give customers a much more appetizing preview of your menu items compared to static pictures.

4. Automate Display Based on Time, Season & Audience

Forget the hassle of changing transparent inserts or flipping static boards from breakfast to lunch. Digital menu boards enable restaurant employees to automatically schedule when their menus will change based on the time of day or day of the week. Additionally, updates can be made quickly and easily to target a certain demographic or target audience to maximize sales.

5. Centralize Control & Cut Out Errors

Managers can now control the entire network of menu boards from anywhere they can access the internet. Eliminate employee errors, misprints, installation costs, and additional expenditures related to static menu signage. With digital menu signs, you can now monitor the entire system’s content and have complete control of what messages are being communicated to the customer—all from the convenience of your office, car or couch.

6. Reduce Perceived Wait Times & Enhance Customer Experience

Digital menu displays can incorporate value-added content like trivia, interesting facts, or other entertaining aspects to lower a customer's perceived wait time during the ordering process. It also provides customers an incentive to remain looking at the screen, giving restaurants the chance to present them with more promotional content.

7. Maintain Brand Consistency

With static signs, there’s always the off-chance that employees will forget to change content when your company makes an effort to update its services and menu offerings. With digital menu boards, restaurant managers can ensure that all locations are on-track and present a consistent, high-quality appearance across the board.

8. Maximize Marketing Return-on-Investment

Static menu boards necessarily require businesses to devote valuable time and resources to design, ship, and install signage. FASTSIGNS handles all stages of the design and installation process to ensure your business continues to operate at an optimal level while we upgrade your signage game. When it comes to digital menu boards, it’s a one-stop process—you don’t have to continually order new signage every time you decide to upgrade or alter your menu items. That means you get the most bang for your buck as you can launch endless marketing and promotional campaigns after a single investment in FASTSIGNS ’ premium digital technology.

9. Enhance Corporate Communication & Training Protocol

Restaurants can utilize their menu boards to communicate with their on-site staff either for training purposes or to relay important developments and relevant corporate updates. Pre-recorded training seminars can be automatically scheduled to be displayed across select locations or a press release from the CEO to all customers thanking them for their loyalty can be displayed at any time.

10. Support the Local Community

New restaurants are popping up at an increasing rate, and one of the most challenging aspects of establishing a new eatery is relating to the local community. Digital signage allows restaurants to give back to the community and to build trust and loyalty. By displaying local news or upcoming events on their menu boards and other digital display signage from FASTSIGNS’ fully-customizable range of products, restaurants can communicate to the local customer base that they appreciate their support and business.