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Top 10 Exterior Signs That Help People Find Your Business

Author: Jayme Nelson

Do visitors struggle to find your location? Well-placed exterior signs and graphics help people notice and find your business faster. Here is a list of the top 10 exterior signs that will help direct visitors to you, regardless of your site size or location.

1. Monument Signs

For buildings that are set back from the road, monument signs help communicate that your business or organization is nearby. Place them at key entrances, outside of buildings or any other location that can help identify your location.

A monument sign introduces a luxury apartment complex

2. Building Dimensional Letters

Brand your facility’s exterior with dimensional letters and logos. Outdoor dimensional lettering extends your message and enhances the aesthetics of your building.

A building has the words "Creative Office" in dimensional lettering outside the building

3. Awnings

Branded awnings are a visual extension of your site’s signage that help attract attention while identifying entrances.

A storefront has an awning with the company's name on it

4. Wall and Window Graphics

Transform exterior walls and windows with graphics that help tell your brand story, promote your products or communicate your company services.

A "donut bar" has the outside of the store decorated in graphics

5. Pole Signs

Signs and banners attached to poles communicate your message even from a distance, and can be changed as needed to promote events or to extend branding.

A sign is attached to a streetlight pole

6. Digital Signs

Digital signs can stand alone or be part of a larger sign or display. Digital signs have motion, engage the audience and are ideal for organizations wanting to house multiple, changing messages.

Roman Jewelers features a digital sign outside of their store

7. Fence and Wall Perimeter Graphics

Brand-friendly graphics on the fences and walls of your property can help you maximize your exterior space. Wall perimeter signage and graphics can be temporary or permanent, depending on the need.

A brick wall features custom graphics

8. Teardrop Flags

Teardrop banners help get attention from a distance. Flexible and movable, use teardrop flags to identify a location, draw people in and provide wayfinding assistance.

Teardrop flags are placed outisde of a building to guide visitors in

9. Vehicle Graphics  

Vehicle graphics build awareness for your brand while on the go and when parked at various locations around town.

A van has custom graphics advertising beer on it

10. Cement Graphics

Pavement and cement graphics are a visual brand touchpoint that also direct cars and foot traffic to your site or facility.  

A parking garage has graphics on the cement to guide traffic

Exterior signs and graphics are a must-have for any organization. They improve the overall experience to help you grow your business. Make sure your location is easy to find and identify by utilizing one or more of these types of signs from the FASTSIGNS top 10 exterior sign checklist.

Find more tips for branding your exterior in our downloadable PDF.