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Stunning Architecture Design Ideas With Dimensional Letters

Author: Jayme Nelson
Dimensional letter LED wall

Businesses, schools, parks and sports franchises are pushing their visual communication strategies out of the background and into focus through the use of dimensional letters . The stylish letters make a bold first impression and put your brand and image at the center of attention.

Dimensional letters can transform any open space from blank and bland into modern and inspiring. Here are some architecture design ideas that use dimensional letters to direct, motivate and attract spectators.


Dimensional letter LED wall
Photo credit: SEGD

At Eli Lilly, a medical research company in Indianapolis, Ind., they use the walls to reflect their pride in the company’s history and motivate employees for the future. Dimensional lettering tops a 40-foot display that fuses several visual communication strategies. Lit panels promote images and optimistic phrases while a scrolling LED strip delivers motivational quotes.

Dimensional letter sale sign
Photo credit: The Window Display Blog

MCM, a luxury leather goods store in London, used dimensional letters to draw customers to a sale. The use of bright colors and two- and three-dimensional lettering was more likely to attract customers from the street than a more simplistic sign.


Dimensional letter design exhibit
Photo credit: The Exhibit Designer

The AIGA BoNE Show, a regional design competition in Boston, has showcased several creative uses of dimensional letters; specifically, the use of dimensional letters for interior design. One display in the 2009 exhibit used dimensional letters as an introduction to a larger piece: a sprawling infographic detailing AIGA and its individual chapters.

Building entrance dimensional letters
Photo credit: Perry Roberts

The Minnaert Building at Utrecht University in the Netherlands uses dimensional lettering to create an unforgettable entrance. The giant letters obviously identify the building, but they also create a visual illusion of supporting the structure. Finding unique ways to present dimensional letters can keep a passerby interested and engaged with the sign and message.

Brand Awareness

Stadium dimensional letters
Photo credit: Populous

Arsenal Football Club, a soccer team in the prestigious English Premier League, stepped up its branding efforts when it moved into Emirates Stadium in 2006. It installed several large-scale dimensional letter signs on and surrounding the stadium. A massive display spelling out the club name now is a common gathering space and center of action around the stadium.

Inspirational dimensional letters
Photo credit: Merrick Towle Communications

Cameron, an apartment community in Franklin, Tennessee, went bold with its use of dimensional lettering as a way of establishing brand messaging. Specifically, its use of wall murals in its leasing office drove home its “more than” theme. Where a piece of cliché art could go unnoticed, Cameron took the opportunity to communicate its culture to prospective residents.

Memorial Art

Unique memorial dimensional letters
Photo credit: Interior Design

The Miami Marlins used the dimensional lettering of the Orange Bowl Stadium as a memorial to the original facility that was demolished. Scattered throughout Marlins Park are dimensional letters that attempt to show where the letters of the old stadium would have fallen during demolition.

Dimensional letters offer anyone looking to promote a brand or message a professional and creative approach to advertising. Using the versatile and durable lettering communicates to the public your brand’s substance and style.

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