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What Went Wrong Here? Times When Signs Were Needed for Safety and Compliance

Author: Jayme Nelson
Patient Being Wheeled Into Emergency Room

While it may be up to citizens and employees to follow safety and compliance signs posted, it is the responsibility of businesses and organizations to have them up and ensure that they are correct.

Wet Floor A-Frame Sign

What may have gone wrong here?

Wet Floor A-Frame Sign Spanish and English

A “Wet Floor” sign would have alerted this person that the floor was slippery and to walk cautiously. An A-frame warning sign placed directly over an area where a spill may have been cleaned up prompts people to walk around and avoid the risk of injury. At work or at play, from employees and visitors to customers or residents, proper signs and graphics keep people safe.

Clear Communication

Evacuation Route Road Sign

What may have gone wrong here?

Building Emergency Evacuation Sign

In times of emergency or evacuation, communication must be swift and clear. Gridlocked roads during an evacuation are worsened if motorists are confused as to which areas are designated the safest. Employees reacting to a fire alarm will panic less if the nearest fire exit route is well-marked. Every moment counts in an emergency. Signs and graphics that clearly inform and direct to safety are vital.

Over Inform

Patient Being Wheeled Into Emergency Room

What may have gone wrong here?

Safety Glasses Must be Worn Sign

A good rule of thumb when creating a safety and compliance sign program is to over inform. Some may see a warning label on a piece of equipment, reminding them to wear protective gear for example, and see it as an obvious normality. For those who may be rushing or are distracted, that label could be the difference in avoiding an unnecessary risk. By over informing with your safety and compliance signs, you help reduce the risk of accidents and may lower insurance costs.

When it comes to protecting people and businesses, there is always room for assessment and improvement. Proactively plan to keep your facility and community’s safety signs and graphics compliant. Doing so will help ensure a safer and more welcoming environment for all.