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    Senior VP of Marketing
    First arrived at FASTSIGNS: 1995
    My role at FASTSIGNS: I develop the strategy and direct the marketing initiatives for the FASTSIGNS system while managing the in-house corporate marketing team.
    About me: Captain of the Marketing ship by day, I am a tennis fanatic with a slight addiction to “Painting with a Twist.”

Learn From the Experts: Visual Communications from the Inside Out

by Drue Townsend

At FASTSIGNS, we like to practice what we preach. That means our offices are not just a workplace, but also a practice ground where our talented graphic designers and sign experts can put their work on display. FASTSIGNS locations around the country use the same visual communication strategies that we encourage our customers to use. From outdoor business signs to indoor interactive kiosks, FASTSIGNS locations use signs to promote, organize, inform and entertain. Here are a few examples of the many ways FASTSIGNS employs their sign expertise at locations across the country.

Dimensional wall signs

Getting the Customer in the Door

This location makes a big impression with a dimensional wall sign. The FASTSIGNS logo, with its contrasting colors and all-caps lettering, is both recognizable and bold. As a leader in the industry, FASTSIGNS can rely on its name recognition and simply stated brand name to catch attention. If your business name isn’t as straight-forward, or its logo not as familiar, consider a confident color scheme or creative logo.

This FASTSIGNS location has all of their bases covered with attractive window graphics. Store-front windows are an introduction to your business and can sometimes be overlooked. If your business is located in a mall or any other location where you’re competing with surrounding businesses, you know how valuable that space can be. Maximize your space with window graphics that grab attention or promote offers and products.

Last but not least, this location is taking full advantage of their resources with vehicle wraps for its fleet of vehicles. If your business uses a fleet, these wraps offer an efficient form of advertising, garnering more impressions at a lower cost.

Touch screen kiosk

Show ‘em What You Got

As you move into the FASTSIGNS office, you won’t be surprised to find a proud display of all of our capabilities. Dimensional lettering brings a clean, professional presence to your office entrance, while posters detail any special offers. Perhaps the most impactful sign here is the touchscreen kiosk to the left of the front desk. This interactive display allows customers to learn more about our products, watch videos of our signs in action and interact with our brand. Depending on what products your business offers, you could potentially let customers design products and even order them directly from these digital signs.

Brand timeline signage

This FASTSIGNS location installed a well-executed timeline at its headquarters. These timelines are great pieces for telling your company’s story and highlighting your business’ ties to the community. If you’re able to connect with customers on another level other than just your products, you can create lasting relationships and loyal customers.

Have Some Fun

Magnetic receptive graphics

Of course we love to showcase our products for customers, but we’ve found other ways to take advantage of our tools. Check out these magnetic receptive graphics in one of our location’s break room. The wall graphics allow employees to relax and have some fun with games of tic-tac-toe or checkers. We also don’t want to forget one of our most important office tools: coffee! Check out the coffee bean table-top graphic!

FASTSIGNS is lucky to have a talented, hard-working staff that takes pride in its work. Whether it’s outside, inside, or on the road, we know the importance of extending our brand to all points of contact. Now that you’ve seen some of the possibilities, we encourage you to steal our tricks of the trade. For more information from the visual communications experts, visit your local FASTSIGNS, or call 800-FASTSIGNS today.

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