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A Surprising Advertising Advantage

by Drue Townsend

Advertising may feel overwhelming at times for business owners. It costs a lot of money and how do you know if your message is reaching the right people -- or any people at all? We’re used to seeing local celebrities give their pitch on TV or listening to a catchy jingle on the radio. Sometimes we forget about alternative forms of advertising that pack the same punch as more traditional ads. In fact, some alternatives may be more effective and without the ongoing costs. One of these alternatives to traditional advertising is vehicle advertising. What is vehicle advertising and how does it work? Let’s take a look at some surprising statistics and how you can most effectively use this strategy to gain new customers. 

Vehicle Graphics

The Facts 

Vehicle advertising continues to be one an efficient form of advertising with research to back it up:

  • 96% of Americans have traveled in a vehicle as a passenger or driver.
  • A study released by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement states that one vehicle wrap generates 30,000-70,000 impressions per day.
  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that fleet vehicle advertising boosts brand recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.
  • OAAA estimates that vehicle advertising costs $3.56 per 1,000 impressions. For comparison, a newspaper ad can cost $19.70 per 1,000 impressions.
  • According to a Cox Communications poll, vehicle wraps and television ads were viewed as the most memorable mediums.
  • The same poll found that 47 percent of people ages 18-34 viewed vehicle wraps as the most creative form of advertising.

The Strategy

Vehicle advertising can give businesses of all sizes, across all industries, an advertising boost. But, it’s not as simple as slapping a sign on your car and calling it “good.” There are good ways to advertise, and then there are the best ways to advertise. Use these tips to maximize the effectiveness of your vehicle advertising strategy.

Explore Your Options

There are plenty of vehicle sign options for your business. Car decals, full vehicle wraps and magnetic signs are a few of the options available. If you’re looking to go big on an RV, van or bus, a vehicle wrap can make a huge impression. This attention-grabbing strategy serves as a rolling billboard for your business and can even become part of your brand identity. If you have a fleet of trucks or cars, decals may be the best choice. These are easier to apply and remove and promote important information to consumers, such as a business phone number, special offer or web address. If you’re using a personal car for vehicle advertising, a magnetic sign could be the best option because it allows you to easily remove the sign when needed. 

Vehicle Wraps

Spend Time on the Design

These advertisements will become a major part of your business’ identity, so it’s worth taking your time to get the design right. Do you have an identifiable logo? Is your business known for its slogan, or do you have a unique color scheme? Use these to your advantage in your design. If you’re just starting a business, you can consult a FASTSIGNS graphic designer to help you get it right. One thing to keep an eye on: many businesses get carried away trying to grab attention with designs that are too complex or cluttered. A sloppy or poorly executed design can lead to your message, brand and business getting lost in the medium itself.

Track Your Leads

One of the best things about vehicle graphics is you can accurately measure how well it’s working. It will still be difficult to directly measure brand awareness, but you can directly track leads. Simply establish a unique phone number for your vehicle signage. When you receive a call on that specific line, you know exactly where it came from: vehicle advertising.

If you have any questions about how to use vehicle signs for advertising, or you’re looking for help with your design, contact your local FASTSIGNS today. We’re happy to help you take advantage of this surprising advertising advantage.


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