The Science of Winning the First Glance: 3M℠ Visual Attention Software

by Nick Jerome

Our world is cluttered with advertising and promotional messages on mobile devices, billboards, in shopping centers and almost anywhere you look. It is more important than ever to ensure your marketing collateral and visual communications win the first glance in a sea of competition.

The Science of Winning the First Glance: 3M℠ Visual Attention Software

What is 3M Visual Attention Software? 3M Visual Attention Software is science-based technology that complements professional graphic design services to check the likelihood that a design will catch the viewer’s eye. After decades of research in vision science, 3M released software that analyzes an image or design to find visual elements that science has proven attract our attention, such as color contrast, intensity, faces and edges.

Win the First Glance using 3M Visual Attention Software

Advertisers only have a few seconds to get a message noticed. This software helps address visual design challenges faced by companies that need design elements to stand out. While the software cannot predict the effectiveness of a slogan or the aesthetic aspects of a design, it does provide an objective look at where the human eye is likely to go in the first 3-5 seconds of viewing any ad, graphic or scene regardless of demographics, cultural differences or any other criteria.

Visual audit for any design

This technology is particularly helpful when visual priorities such as a phone number, product photo or logo are identified as important in the design. Armed with the list of what is important to communicate on vehicle graphics, posters, building signs and more, FASTSIGNS® designers can analyze a photo of existing signage or a proposed design using 3M Visual Attention software and get a suite of reports predicting what would likely catch the eye and why those areas and objects are so attention-getting.

Successful marketing campaigns involve elements from carefully crafted headlines and copy to impactful lifestyle images or product photos. However, in order for those components to do their job the audience must first notice the ad when walking, scrolling or driving by. Watch the video about 3M Visual Attention Software.

Interested in a visual communications analysis using 3M Visual Attention Software? Contact your nearest FASTSIGNS for a consultation to help you win the first glance.

*FASTSIGNS® is an authorized supplier of 3M Visual Attention Software.

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