4 Ways Architectural Graphics Enhance Interior Design

by Nick Jerome

Architectural graphics can range from a bold wall mural applied to a school’s brick wall to a subtle color scheme for a physician’s interior wayfinding to a small logo repeated throughout all of the office name plates in a professional office space. The end goal is to leverage an architectural feature as a canvas to compliment décor and extend brand messaging. Let’s examine 4 ways that architectural graphics can enhance a space. 

4 Ways Architectural Graphics Enhance Interior Design - Wall Mural
  1. Wall murals: Years ago the only option for a wall mural was to commission an artist. Now, with highly durable vinyl solutions and excellent print quality, a wall mural can be a visually dynamic alternative to a hand painted wall that makes an impact and draws attention to those entering the space.
  2. Magnetic receptive wall graphics: There is endless creative flexibility with magnetic receptive graphics that most designers and end users haven’t explored. This layered magnetic solution allows you to change and re-arrange a wall for a quick update or a total transformation in minutes.
  3. Floor, ceiling and staircase graphics: Why should walls get all of the love? Floors, ceilings and staircases offer additional opportunities for unexpected messages, branding and décor. Imagine taking your key company messages or brand promotions and sprinkling them across the floor in a waiting room or down a staircase in a high traffic lobby. If it is a surface you can see, it can be decorated and enhanced with visual graphics.
  4. Glass finishes: Incorporating messages or a logo on frosted glass can add a subtle, yet polished look to a meeting room or office. Using specialized glass in an interior can also add a wow factor. Dichroic glass, which displays a few different colors, is an attractive option sure to grab attention. Dichroic glass can be costly, but dichroic glass finishes from our friends 3M™ provide the same shimmering look at a fraction of the cost.

The possibilities for architectural graphics in any given space is limitless. Tweet us @FASTSIGNS with how you would enhance your space with one of these solutions.