How to Use QR Codes and SMS for Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign

by Drue Townsend

How to Use QR Codes and SMS for Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign

Technologies like QR codes or SMS text are essential to mobile marketing campaigns. What does is it mean to employ these tools and how can it help your marketing efforts?


Deciphering the Codes

A QR code is a simple matrix barcode originally created by automobile makers in Japan. The QR stands for quick response and these barcodes have the ability to store tons of data, including content that customers can download. Smart phones transformed QR codes from an industry practice into a widespread marketing tool, and now anyone can read QR codes on their phone by downloading a simple, free app.

How to Use QR Codes in Marketing

Like many marketing strategies, the key to making effective use of QR codes is to make sure they offer value to your customers. Discount offers and contests are common practice and popular for employing QR codes. Many marketers are also finding value in using QR codes for reviews, newsletters, paperless tickets and contest entry forms.

It’s important to determine the right location and space for QR codes. QR codes featured on paper materials such as receipts, brochures, menus or business cards are more effective than those that appear on clothing, billboards, cars or other surfaces that can be difficult to access.

QR codes are free to create and are an effective marketing vehicle as people get more used to looking for QR codes.

How to Incorporate QR codes into a SMS campaign

SMS stands for short message service, but most know this communication form simply as text messaging. Almost 70 percent of the global population has a mobile device, making this form of short dialogue ideal for targeted marketing messages.

Again, the key is to provide value. Like an email campaign, you need to obtain customer permission to add their phone number to your SMS campaign. Understandably, customers are protective of their phone numbers. This means they’ll quickly grow impatient if your messages are viewed as spam and not as a valuable resource. Discounts and coupons are effective, but you can also use your SMS campaign to make customers feel special with personalized messages or by granting customers special privileges or access.

Tracking Your Campaign

Tracking a successful campaign can be measured by tangible growth in subscribers, engagement and redemption rate. You can also measure the success of your campaign based on the subscriber churn rate. In short, the longer people stick around, the more value your SMS campaign is providing. Ultimately, that will point toward your digital marketing success.

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