Top Ideas for Introducing a New Product in Your Retail Location

by Christina Krenek

Launching a new product is exciting and there’s a lot that goes into it. How will customers react to the new item? How does it measure up to the competition? Will people buy it? Whether you’re introducing a product in your local business or in retail locations across the country, here are a few visual communication ideas for a successful product launch.

Directional Signs

Invite passers-by to come in and experience the new product using directional signage. Place a-frame signs that point the way to the product display. Hang ceiling banners throughout the store to identify specific products and direct customers to where they are located.

retail product launch

Impactful Graphics

According to the CMO Council, 65 percent of marketing executives believe that visual assets are core to how their brand story is communicated. Spark interest about a new product using visual graphics in and around your retail space. Use printed posters and canvas prints to illustrate what the product offers. For example, Arizona Fireplaces used lifestyle images to promote a line of custom grilling products in their showroom.

new product launch for retailnew retail product launch


Branded wearables are walking billboards that communicate your message wherever people go. Promote a new product using shirts, hats and accessories. Give away promotional wearables at events and incorporate them in to the staff’s uniforms to take your message further.

product launch wearables retail product launch wearables

Branded Point of Purchase Displays

Make the product stand out on the retail floor using a unique point of sale signs and visual graphics. Reflect the product’s brand and use a creative display design. Add dimensional elements to help the product stand out. For example, make a splash in the shopping aisle using large graphics and cut-out signs like this custom display selling a new Magnum ice cream treat.

unique product launch
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Or catch shoppers’ attention with larger-than-life banner stands.

retail product launch banners
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