Modern Twist for Point of Purchase Materials

by April Angele
Point of purchase sign Point of purchase materials

Conspicuous. Bright. Inviting. Fresh.

These are the words every business hopes describe their point of purchase signs. Over time, though, as signs aren’t replaced often enough to reflect the current promotion or once they begin showing wear and tear, point of purchase signs might just be conspicuous because they aren’t bright, inviting or fresh any more. And no business wants that.

The best way to keep your point of purchase signage doing its job is to regularly update and replace it using the traditional way or a new modern way — with digital signs.

Point of purchase digital sign

Both methods can be effective individually or used together. Traditional point of purchase signs often include table tents, counter cards, brochure holders, standing cut outs, aisle displays, hanging signs, banners and floor graphics. Using these printed pieces requires constant attention to be sure all the marketing materials remain in the correct places, that the messages are consistent and that the pieces continue to look good.

Point of purchase restaurant sign

Digital signage, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to have multiple images and multiple promotions rotating throughout the day, targeting different dayparts, different audiences and different messages.  Messages on digital signs are flexible and may be used to spotlight products, prices, specials, or promotions.

Point of purchase restaurant signage

The best of both worlds?  Ultimately, having a strategy that employs a combination of digital signage with traditional point of purchase materials provides a great way to educate, inform and entertain viewers.