When Less is More – 3 Examples of Wayfinding that are Minimalistic in Design

by Vanessa Davidson

Integrating wayfinding signs and graphics into your company’s décor is a great way to extend your brand and effectively provide wayfinding solutions that help people get where they’re going, even if it’s their first visit. Information should be clear and visible, without visual clutter. With wayfinding, less is often more.

Identify Departments

Use wayfinding signs and décor graphics to differentiate various spaces while incorporating your company’s brand image in them. Keep the graphics simple so that the information stays front and center and doesn’t get lost.

wayfinding blog2

Enhance Décor

Wayfinding signs do not have to be boring. Beautify your space and point people in the right direction by adding simple wayfinding signs that complement your branding and interior décor. Take advantage of blank canvases such as walls and elevators to make your spaces attractive as well as informative.

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Incorporate Digital Signage

Use digital signs to deliver a variety of wayfinding information. Digital signs can be easily updated with new and current messages, and wayfinding so that your information is never out of date. Incorporate a touchscreen feature to make the selection interactive and include maps to ensure your guests know exactly where to go.

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Wayfinding can be powerful, even when less dramatic designs or fewer elements are used. Contact your local FASTSIGNS and let us show you the way to your wayfinding needs.