How Signs and Graphics Can Aid in Customer Workflow: Red Dot Storage Case Study

by Jayme Nelson

Signs and graphics are an important component of communication and direction when it comes to workflow. Red Dot Storage owns and operates warehouses, and provides safe and secure storage facilities for rent. A self-service-oriented business model, Red Dot Storage utilizes easy-to-read, strategically placed signs and graphics.

The growing storage company more than tripled their number of locations in a year’s time through an acquisitions program. Each storage facility now under management by Red Dot Storage had to update its signs and graphics in order to meet branding standards and communicate a variety of messages to customers and visitors.

branded entry and gate signs1

branded entry and gate signs2

branded entry and gate signs3

FASTSIGNS® worked with Red Dot Storage to design a standardized sign and graphic package for each facility in 11 different states throughout the Midwest. For the exterior, each facility received branded, informational and safety-related gate signs, as well as door decals and entry pass code instruction signage. To enhance the customer experience and aid in the workflow process, each facility was given signs that display the available storage unit sizes and how customers can determine the amount of space needed.

new ownership signs4

new ownership signs5

new ownership signs6

Each Red Dot Storage location was also provided easy-to-apply wall graphics in the shape of a red dot to extend the brand and feature informational tips. “New ownership” circle plaques and banners were created with promotional, move-in introductory offers printed on them.

When someone comes to a Red Dot Storage Property, regardless of its location, they are visually greeted with a consistent and clear brand message. Every sign and graphic at each facility helps guide and inform customers, maximizing the self-service workflow of the storage sites and contributing to a more positive experience.

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