Localization: How to Reflect Your Community with Interior Brand Decor Graphics

by Jayme Nelson

If you’ve ever shopped at a Trader Joe’s grocery store or a Nike Factory Store, chances are you’ve noticed wall murals specific to your neighborhood or graphics displaying your local sports teams. Why? These brands have added local touches to their interior decor to reflect their community. Doing so creates a unique, memorable environment and helps build stronger connections with customers and people in the area.

Take a look at these four companies that have incorporated the spirit of their  local community into the interior areas of their building decor.



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana wanted their decor to reflect their involvement in the community and the rich culture of Montana. To capture this, ceiling to floor wall murals of Montana scenery were displayed in offices and meeting rooms. Photos on acrylic panels feature local attractions and are mounted at different heights in a mosaic pattern to create interest. Images from their company-sponsored Governor’s Cup run are also displayed, conveying their company culture and commitment to giving back. The interior decor graphics help reinforce the close connection Blue Cross Blue Shield and their employees have with their local community.


Evergreen Devco, Inc., a property developer, builds apartment complexes across the Denver area. For these, they created a cohesive brand identity across different properties while reflecting Colorado’s vibrant scenery and active lifestyle throughout the facilities’ decor graphics. Illuminated prints of imagery outsourced from a local photographer were displayed in common areas and hallways. A large map with nearby hiking trails and ski slopes is displayed in the front lounge area and includes a brochure holder for printed maps. These special touches give residents and visitors that ‘wow’ factor and demonstrate their local pride.


The Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport renovated their terminal to create a more modern, inviting space for visitors and passengers. New wall murals were installed to show the city of Hot Springs’ rich history and to promote attractions in the area. People are now welcomed with a photo collage of popular sites such as the woodland gardens, bath houses, the Mid-America Science Museum, Magic Springs Theme Park, the race track and landscapes. To tie into the city’s history, a vintage map of the area serves as the backdrop of a mural with a 1906 photo of the Arlington Hotel, which was frequented by Al Capone, among other famous guests throughout history.



Hardin Memorial Health, a collection of health facilities in Louisville, has gone through multiple expansion and renovation projects. At their Cancer Care Center, interior décor graphics on walls, windows and partitions display nature scenery. These graphics create a calming environment for patients and show beautiful Tennessee flowers.

Connecting local culture with your brand decor not only provides a unique backdrop for your organization, it is also a great way to show people that you are truly committed and proud to be a part of the community.