3 Serious Lessons Learned from “Funny Safety” Signs

by Emily Shuler

You may have seen a safety or warning sign that begs the question, “Did that really happen enough times that a sign needed to be put up?” We can all agree that safety is important and that sometimes we need blunt, yet humorous, ways to really get the point across. Here are a few examples of serious lessons taught by funny safety signs.

1. So Many distractions Have Affected Our Attention and Ability to Be Safe

funny caution signs funny caution signs walking

We are all working hard, juggling life, texting friends and seeing what’s happening on social media, and often distracted by the number of things we have going on as we walk around. With everyone in the same mode, it’s more important than ever before to pay attention to stay safe.

funny vehicle signs funny vehicle signs bridge

Just because we’re in the comfort of a car does not make us invincible; sometimes we need a reminder about the size and capabilities of our motor vehicle, especially in comparison to the world around us. Prompts like these help keep drivers safe.

2. Overly Obvious Bathroom Signs are Sometimes Necessary

funny roadside signs funny restroom signs

We’ve all been there: on a road trip with family or friends and just trying to make it to the next town before having to stop again. Billboards like this one are helpful in planning for your next break. Imagine finally arriving at your destination only to see a seemingly self-explanatory “no diving” sign. Some signs and graphics are simply meant to make us smile.

3. Not All Animals Are Pet-able.

funny animal safety sign funny animal safety signage

From nature preserves and local parks to aquariums and zoos, places with animals or wildlife roaming need safety signs to remind us that not all animals are pet-able. These signs may result in a smirk from passersby, but they will also help make the warnings clear.

Safety is very important and sometimes the best way to get a serious message across is with humor. While some signs must meet specific government regulations, there are other opportunities to use signs to protect and entertain. Fortunately, we have a sense of humor and visual communications is our expertise. Is your safety signage hurting? Contact your local FASTSIGNS® for help.

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