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How to Improve Your Office Environment With Creative Signage

Author: Vanessa Davidson

Office Space, a 1999 comedy, has become a cult classic for its depiction of the typical office environment. Gray cubicles line the office floor, where a full cast of frustrated employees share the same interactions while repeating the same daily routine. Eventually, the main character, Peter, and a couple of his colleagues decide to take out their frustrations on a malfunctioning fax machine.

A screenshot from the movie Office Space where the characters destroy a fax machine

Photo credit: Romston

But in the past few years, we’ve seen a shift away from these stale office environments. While it might be a strategy to prevent the destruction of office property, we think it’s more likely that businesses are realizing the real benefits of a creative and lively office atmosphere.

Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

A welcoming and collaborative environment can have a profoundly positive effect on employees. According to several studies, happy employees perform at a higher level, are more efficient and show up to work more often than those that are unhappy. Those results might sound obvious, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t significant. So how do you create this positive environment? Let’s start with creative office signs.

An Energizing Welcome

A welcoming wall at Ridge Meadows Orthodontics with a wall mural

Photo credit: Pinterest

As employees and guests arrive to the office, they’re welcomed by an impressive display, featuring dimensional letters, wall graphics and bright colors that are energizing and professional.

Wall Inspiration

A company's mission is written on a wall

Photo credit: FASTSIGNS

As employees walk the halls of the office, wall graphics remind them that their work is appreciated and important. These wall graphics are aesthetically pleasing, of course, but they also create a professional atmosphere that promotes pride in company work and a sense of community.

Community Spaces

Photo credit: HGTV

One of the biggest trends in office design is creating open, community spaces, where employees can casually interact or collaborate on tasks. Whiteboards are nice, but what about using digital interactive displays instead? These creative office signs allow for multi-media content, presentation collaboration and team-building games and challenges that can produce quality work while also building a cohesive office environment.

An office has custom floor graphics

Photo credit: Pinterest

It’s not always the big, shiny objects that bring life to an office space. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to look at an old space in a new way. Instead of stuffy carpet or blank tiles, consider using floor graphics to breathe new energy into the office. The graphics can contain humorous messages, company mottos or even provide directions from one room to another.

Your office should be a place of comfort and productivity for employees, not stress and frustration. It all starts by giving them a physical environment that encourages professionalism, creativity and collaboration. Creative office signage offers you the freedom to create a healthy work environment where employees can thrive. Our FASTSIGNS design professionals are ready to help transform your office today. Call us at 800-FASTSIGNS to get started!

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