Event Planning

How to Prepare Your Team for a Flawless Event Using Visual Communications

Author: Jayme Nelson

event visual communications

The best events—those that everyone enjoys and talks about long after—are the ones that appear to have been executed flawlessly. Those working behind the scenes know that “flawless” takes a great deal of teamwork and organization. The success of your event is tied to how well your team carries out the needed tasks and communication is key. Better prepare your team of staff and volunteers for success by incorporating well-planned visual communications into your event plan.

Keep Them Visible

Staff and volunteers are the face of your organization and event. Help visually unify them by providing branded wearables including aprons, custom lanyards, hats and ID badges. For example, having your team wear coordinating shirts help guests easily spot those who they can go to for questions and assistance, creating a positive event experience. Having your team wear designated wearables during your event also emphasizes your brand, cause or organization, reinforcing your marketing efforts.

Keep Them Informed

Empower your staff and volunteers with all the information they need to execute a successful event. Employ a custom event mobile app with a “team-only” view to house updated schedules, info cheat sheets and key contacts. Weather warning issues during your 5k? A class room change for your corporate convention? You can also use SMS text to send out up-to-the-minute updates to your team, keeping everyone organized and working from the most accurate information.

Digital signs are also ideal for keeping volunteers and staff informed and updated. Place a digital kiosk near your volunteer area with streaming messages. New shift volunteers coming in to relieve others can check the kiosk for the latest updates and assignments.

Keep Them Safe

As the event organizer, one of your highest priorities will be providing a safe and happy environment for your team. When preparing your staff and volunteers prior to the event, provide any potential risk planning and safety information. As reinforcement during the event, make sure safety and regulatory signage is visible and easy to follow. Ensure that restrooms, fire exits, ADA accessibility and emergency alert stations are clearly identified.

Temporary traffic control signs can safely direct the flow of traffic, whether by vehicle or foot. Wayfinding signage can take the form of pavement and floor graphics, banners, A-frames and panel signs. For large scale events where volunteers and staff may be more spread out, print and post venue map graphics on the walls to make navigation easier.

Keep Them Motivated

Great events rely on great staff, so make sure that your employees or volunteers know they are appreciated. Happy volunteers are more likely to return to help with future projects. Recognize their efforts with custom goody bags or special promotional items from the event. Create banner stands or add content on your digital signage that thanks volunteers. Post their name and give them a shout-out, just as you would with event sponsors, on large banners near the event stage.

When it comes to getting your staff and volunteers ready for your next important event, incorporate a coherent and organized sign and visual graphic plan. Well-planned and well-executed signs before, during and after your event will help engage your support team, and get you closer to your goal of a flawless experience for attendees.

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