How To

5 Ways to Recognize and Appreciate Remote Employees

Author: Jayme Nelson

Our way of life and the way we work in it has changed a great deal in the last month. Millions are now working remotely, many for the first time. Adapting to working away from their place of business, daily office routines and coworkers presents new challenges. Here are five ways to help keep morale up and employees feeling connected amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  1. Send them some goodies.

    From cookies and donuts to popcorn and fruit, find a local snack company that delivers, and have treats sent to your team members at their home. Give them a surprise pick-me-up while supporting a local small business. 

  2. Recognize team members.

    Highlight recent contributions in group email or video chat. Every week, make sure to shine a spotlight on one or more employees with a public shout-out. Let them know you see their efforts and appreciate their work, even at a distance.

  3. Is someone celebrating a birthday?

    Have yard signs made with their name and a message of how awesome you think they are. FASTSIGNS can create celebratory custom signs and graphics for you to install at their home for a fun surprise. Let others know it’s their coworker’s birthday in case they would like to send them a note.

    yard signs for birthdays

  4. Check in with individual team members.

    It sounds simple, but just being available can go a long way. Each week, call or video chat with at least one staff member to make sure they are handling the new normal. This is a good time to ensure they have the resources they need for work, while also giving them an outlet to express any concerns.

  5. Schedule 30-minute “fun chats”

    schedule them every week via video conferencing. Pick a different theme (“wear a silly hat”) or challenge (“show and tell session” or “silly trivia”) before each meeting. This face-to-face time can be a lighthearted distraction that enhances team-bonding.

Working from home can be lonely for those used to being in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. With the extra stress of a global pandemic, appreciating employees is as important as ever. Stay connected and boost morale by letting employees know you see their efforts from afar.