Terumo BCT boardroom wall

Terumo BCT

Extending a Medical Company’s Brand Across Headquarters

The Challenge:

Terumo BCT, a medical research and technology company, relocated their global headquarters to their existing corporate campus in Lakewood, CO, and added a 120,000 square-foot building to the center of their campus. The primary challenge was to brand the new office space with the signs and visual graphics needed to communicate with visitors, customers and employees.

The Solution:

FASTSIGNS® helped Terumo BCT extend their branding seamlessly throughout their new headquarters using comprehensive signs and visual graphics.

To generate interest and educate visitors about the company and their values, dimensional letters and wall graphics mounted on acrylic stand-offs were added to walls along a main hallway. More acrylic stand-off displays were placed in the main lobby to showcase patient success stories and the company’s commitment to service. The combination of bright colors and dimensional elements generates interest and extends the brand to their décor. In the executive boardroom, a bold dimensional logo strategically placed on the back wall can be seen during video conference calls.

Custom door plaques identify offices and meeting rooms, and both digital and etched vinyl graphics were applied to interior glass walls and doors to provide privacy and further accent the brand décor. Branded wayfinding and regulatory signs were also added.

Terumo BCT wall graphic

Terumo BCT wall graphics and mounted image

Terumo BCT wall graphics

The Result:

From the entrance to the lobby and throughout multiple floors of office space, Terumo BCT’s branding is consistently reflected throughout their new headquarters. The comprehensive visual solution provided by FASTSIGNS communicates a professional environment and enhances the experience for visitors, customers and employees.

*FASTSIGNS of Lakewood, CO is owned by Lisa and Rick Abercrombie.