“Prints the Printer” Has His Summer Body!

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Findlay, OH

Obviously, the use of signs is an excellent way to promote your business. It draws attention and promotes awareness. However, signs can be very vulnerable to the elements, especially the sun. And you certainly aren't going to go out and slather your sign with sunscreen, right?

As we approach the longest day of the year (which is June 21, by the way) and the summer sun begins beaming down, here are a few ways to protect your signage!

One-way window shades to prevent UV damage to your indoor signs and any products you have on display.

Window tints are another option, which follows this same principle.

Erect an awning. An awning will prevent sunlight from damaging your indoor signs, and it will also provide additional advertising and branding for your business.

For outdoor signage use UV resistant laminate. Laminating your sign is a great idea because it will protect it against all of the elements and not just the sun.

For your awning you can opt for UV resistant ink. This will make sure that your branding and information printed on the awning will last its longest. UV resistant ink can also be used on other signs and combined with a laminate.

Sun damage is a fact of owning a sign, whether it's outdoor or indoor next to a window. By applying these tips, you can reduce the risk and effects of the sun and get the absolute most out of your signs!

Get out your sunscreen and call us today! Happy summer!