Product Spotlight - Building Signs

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Cincinnati, OH - Highland Ave.

Is your business in a building! Most are. We make all types of building signs, everything from vinyl wraps on metal facing to large identification signs for apartment complexes to dimensional letters.

A building sign or wall sign is a great way to communicate your message. With a building sign, you can create some height without the cost of a monument or pole to elevate it. Depending on where you building sits in relationship to the street, it may be more visible than a monument or pole sign.

Northstar building signage

Cincinnati is full of unique buildings new and old. We often do building sign packages for multi-location businesses. It's a great way to drive branding consistency while still having the flexibility to adapt to each building's unique features.

Custom wall vinyl

When you are faced with a building that is in a pedestrian area, often times a projecting building sign that pops off of your building will be the best choice. If you projecting signs hangs over municipal property, you may require a special permit, but that is a fairly painless process. Our project managers can guide you through that process.

ES Properties custom decal

Some shopping centers and cities do not allow illuminated channel letters or lightbox cabinets. Dimensional letters on a building with gooseneck lights are a great way to highlight your business in that situation.

If you are looking for a short to medium-term cost-effective solution, you can even install a banner on a building. When done right, it is often difficult to tell the difference between a properly installed banner and a traditional aluminum building sign.

When you are ready for your next Cincinnati building sign, call our shop and one of our project managers can help you develop a sign that is just right for your business.

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